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We will be more than happy to give you more information about all the possibilities we can offer as a personal shopper in Amsterdam. If you are interested, or you just want more information to find out if hiring a personal shopper is for you please visit our contact page.

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Personal Shopper Amsterdam for men

The best in Amsterdam shopping for men only

For obvious reasons men have been attracted to Amsterdam for centuries. Beside the great party scene there are amazing shops were men will find fulfilment for all their fashion and clothing desires. A personal shopper Amsterdam for men will bring you to the finest suit tailors, shirt-makers and designer stores for men. Also I am Fashion works together with specialty shops for watches and other man accessories and yes, we are also aware that man like gadgets! Your personal shopper will bring you to the finest stores with the newest gadgets available. With a personal shopper for men you are guaranteed for the best shopping experience in Amsterdam. 

Schedule an appointment with a Personal Shopper Amsterdam

In preparation of your visit to Amsterdam it's good to book an appointment with your personal shopper beforehand. Everyone has their own wishes and needs and in order to provide the ultimate personal shopper experience in Amsterdam we need some preparation. Please contact us so we can go over your expectations in order to give you a tailor-made allround shopping tour in Amsterdam. 

Personal Shopper Amsterdam for Kids

Sometimes a visit to Amsterdam for business purposes or holidays can be quite stressing when the kids are brought along. Hiring a personal shopper for your kids can be an ideal solution when you need to attend a conference or business meeting. Also when on the holidays it could be nice to have a day (or 2) to yourselves. Our personal shoppers are also very familiar with fashion for kids and know well about all the other shops that bring joy to all kids. We can make a shopping experience for your kid a pleasant trip combined with all the fun stuff to do in Amsterdam. This way we can style your kids and have them develop their own taste for fashion.

Personal Shopper Amsterdam for Women

Women are the majority of customers of I Am Fashion so when you are in need for a personal shopper Amsterdam for women you came to the right place. We offer personalised shopper service for various goals: 

  • Fashion, Shoes & Bags 
  • Accessories & Watches 
  • Jewellery &  Diamonds
  • Art & Antiques
  • Gifts & Exclusive Foods
  • Family Care & Pet Shopping 
  • High-end Furniture & Home Design

A personal shopper experience in Amsterdam for women can be combined with beauty and spa-treatments or a make up session done by a professional visagist. Personal shopper Amsterdam - I am Fashion works with the best beauty stores to find you the most exclusive beauty and care products. Also you personal shopper knows the best places to take a break from shopping and have you served with the finest lunch and dining options available in Amsterdam.

Personal Shopper Amsterdam - I Am Fashion Shop and Tour will bring you high personalised shopping service and assistance with shopping in Amsterdam. With a personal stylist as your personal shopper you can go fashion shopping in special selected boutiques across Amsterdam. Your personal shopper from I Am Fashion knows all the hotspots in Amsterdam and will help you discover and/or further explore your individual style and taste. As a personal shopper in Amsterdam we have a lot of experience to recognise the needs and wishes so we can make your shopping experience in Amsterdam worth your while.